Saturday, 25 January 2014

Wishlist: All Black Everything


Recently I've seen a lot of all-black outfits. Everbody knows black will alway looks good right?! It's become apparent I'm loving the croc/snakeskin print seeing as 3 of these items are those textures! I bought a snakeskin tee with leather sleeves in the Asos sale a while back and I'm a bit nervous to wear it because it's a bit out there - but I'm looking forward to being a bit daring!!


  1. i always wear all black without even doing it on purpose, i love the jeans! xxx

  2. oooh i basically want everything on here! Need more floral headcrowns in my life and loveee those heels! xo
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  3. Black is always the best colour to wear, It's just amazing! great post!

  4. i have the lena heels! so amazing and look super cute with everything

  5. Really like the dress and bag! I keep finding myself wearing all black outfits even though I'm looking forward to summer.

    Tara xo

  6. That's a gorgeous dress! x


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