Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I got you


I feel half tom-boy half girly in this look and I love it. Sometimes I think it's nice to go a bit grungy and swap up your usual style. I am so in love with this skirt from H&M. I've got to be honest, it definitely is a bit small for me but I didn't have the strength to send it back as it was then sold out.. I've managed to get a few wears out of it! Also how cute is this rucksack satchel I got from Oasap?! It's got a vintage feel to it and I know I'll be reaching for it a lot in the Summer.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Instagram Update #17

 my best friend // sunshine // ootn
 pretending i'm healthy // it's all real now // love my anna
 geography trip // seeing my favourite boys // my beautiful mummy
woops // saying goodbye to these 5 losers was the hardest thing :( // rainbow

I haven't done an instagram update in aaaaages! These past few months have been full of emotions. I've felt super happy recently but also very sad. On Thursday I saw The Wanted perform at the O2 arena for the last time and on Tuesday I met and saw them in Nottingham for their last ever UK gig before they split. I can honestly say I have never cried so much in one night! The Wanted have been a massive part of my life for 4 years and saying goodbye to them was horrible. I've now got to focus on my revision as exams start next month and I am officially pooing it. I hope my motivation stays with me for the next 2 months so I can ace the exams!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

She looks so perfect


This look was inspired by the typical American girl look, I always wake up and look on my Instagram every morning to find at lease one person rocking a similar look and that little bit of jealousy hits me as I crave for England to have the beautiful, hot weather which allows me to wear this everyday. I love the simplicty of a crop, a high waisted skater skirt and a cardi for a bit of warmth for when the sun goes in. What do you think?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Summer playsuits wishlist

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

The warmer weather we've had recently has really got me into that summer mood, so I decided to do a cheeky wishlist. Playsuits are a summer staple, they're not too tight on the skin, comfortable and easy to style! My favourites from this list have to be 2 and 4. Number 2 is a print I have completely fallen for from Topshop, they also have it in a Joni Jeans version and I have a feeling I may have to purchase them soon! I really like how number 4 looks more like a skirt, it's a pretty print and I like the cutout on the back too.

What are your favourites?

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lucy's Make-up #5: Lips

left to right, top to bottom - rimmel kate moss lipstick in 003, rimmel apocalips in luna, bourjois color boost in orange punch, peach on the beach and fushia libre

The last of the Lucy's Make-up series! Sad times!! Bit of a sparse collection for lips, I'm not much of a lippy wearer although I am determined to change that! I'm deffo more of a subtle gloss girl that bold lip.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 003 was my first proper lipstick and I wasn't too impressed, the colour is a nudey brown, not suited to me at all and I found it to be quite drying on the lips. I really like Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, it's a lovely peachy shade with high gloss. Although it is pretty thick and sticky. I'd like to try a few other colours in this range. As you can see, I am a big fan of the Bourjois Colour Boosts. All of which are lovely colours, and I really like to mix Orange Punch and Peach on the Beach together. These give the most gorgeous amount of colour and a lovely sheen. I also like how it doesn't require you to look in a mirror when applying them like you would with a red lipstick.

So that's it! I hope you liked nosing into my make-up collection and enjoyed this mini series. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Lucy's Make-up #4: Eyeshadows

left to right, top to bottom - naked basics palette, avon mocha latte quad, mua heaven and earth palette, mua undress me too palette, naked 3 palette

Eyeshadow is easily my favourite part of my make-up routine. I always love to experiement play around with my look, despite the fact I still haven't nailed the smoky eye.

My Naked Basics Palette is my go-to palette for everyday, particularly when I'm at school. I like to use venus as a highlight in my inner corner and brow bone, Foxy or Walk Of Shame over my whole lid then Naked 2 or Faint in the crease. The Avon Quad in Mocha Latte is something I haven't used for a while now but this is a brilliant budget palette for a smokey eye. It has the progression of shades which make it easy for any newbie to follow and have a pretty bronze smoky look. Both the Mua Heaven and Earth Palette and Undress Me Too Palette are cheap Urban Decay Dupes, great for anyone starting out and wanting to experiment. Brilliant quality for their cheap price and a vast range of shades. My favourite palette is of course my Naked 3 Palette. I wasn't sure on the pinky shades at first but I do really love it and find myself reaching for it a lot, The left hand side of the palette is perfect for every day, and the right side is brilliant to add to, to make a smoky eye for evening. I also love the fact it has few of my favourite bronzey shades in there.

Only one more week to go for Lucy's Make-up! Next Friday I have the last component to a face of make-up - lips! What eyeshadows are your favourite?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

An absolute steal


If you know me in real life, there's a 99% chance I would have told you about this gooooorgeous crop top. I found it in Primark a while ago and haven't stopped sneaking in the price of it into conversation since. The label originally said £14.. over the top was £7.. I went to the counter to pay and BAM!!! £2! TWO BLOOMING POUNDS! Quite possibly the biggest steal ever. I saw it hanging up and was happy to pay the full £14 - I can't help but get a Topshop vibe from it so finding out I only had to pay a mere £2 obviously made me happy. What's your best ever bargain?

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